Image via Mulherin

Image by Michael Olie for Mulherin

There’s no need to rush anything you’re unsure of. The golden rule especially holds true when flirting with romance: it’s often best to remain levelheaded and not overthink. Twins Marshall and Parker Mulherin don’t consider themselves experts in the realm of love, yet their words don’t betray that inexperience. They share valuable bits of wisdom; as they mature, each line feels more chiseled and carefully chosen.

Such is the case with “Daily,” the latest release from the Memphis-raised artists who only a week ago became old enough to walk into any bar across the country without concern of being carded. Marshall sings lyrics that ponder the limits of love, acknowledging its physical prerequisites in addition to the mentality it requires. Parker, the principal force behind the beat and songwriting, has plenty to say. Oft-ignored instruments, vocal alterations, and woozy synths complement the song’s cautionary nature.

“I started making this beat in my job at school,” Parker told us, laughing. “I was sitting in work study and was messing around in Logic. The hi-hat sound is actually me playing with my fingernails on a metal box with coins in it. I wanted it to feel natural. I recorded some kalimba on it too. It was one of those songs that came together really naturally.”

Listen to “Daily,” the first of four singles from their forthcoming Cinema EP, below. You can also download the track free of charge.