Image via Chimpo

Start your week off right with this mad new track straight from Manchester, UK. Producers Chimpo and Sam Binga link up with a local legend, Trigga, whose vocals should be recognizable to anyone who has been paying attention to the UK underground for the past five to ten years.

Chimpo explains:

I grew up listening to Trigga on rave tape packs and there was a unique vibe he has that can only be described as shadow. I tried to encapsulate that with “Who Run Tingz” and I think we’ve managed to do that. It’s got that laid back gangster vibe but still up front and bursting with energy. Very very dark.

“Run Tingz/MCR” is murky and menacing, and sure to mash up the rave—get into it below. The track is out August 8 on Toddla T’s Girl’s Music label.

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