Image via Eric Dingus

Image via Eric Dingus

First of all, thank you to everyone who submitted to our Eric Dingus Remix Competition. This is the first time we’ve done a contest like this, and the response was overwhelming in the best of ways. Hundreds of submissions and far too many listens later, we have a winner.

Like Eric Dingus, Chamothy the Great is from Austin, Texas. Even though the two artists never met, you wouldn’t know it from Chamothy’s remix, entitled “35 (The Life).” He seamlessly blends a series of short, staccato raps with Dingus’ sparse atmospheres, adding just enough instrumentation to fill the track out. It’s also expertly mixed, which was a subtle sign of professionalism that helped push the track over the top for us.

It helps that Chamothy moonlights as an engineer. He told us, “I was actually recording another artist for this competition and during the session ’35 down 35′ just came to me. I pulled out my phone and did a voice recording so I wouldn’t forget, and after his session was through I locked myself up in the lab alone and didn’t leave until I was done.”

“35 (The Life)” also provided interesting structural changes to the beat, something Dingus himself picked up on. The producer told us, “I liked the song structure, and the melodies, and the formatting of the song… I was looking for originality, and his ideas were cool.”

Chamothy the Great also just released his Dead Petals EP, which you can download for free. Stream his Dingus remix below.

We’d be remiss not to include an honorable mention. Stream Abel Gray’s “C&C” below, another worthy submission with a truly addicting hook.