Espa has a voice that is both sultry and soulful. The upbeat production on her single “Pray For Me” combined with her voice create a single that could easily find its way on R&B, pop or dance charts. Its that same versatility in her sound that presents the perfect opportunity for remixes.

The latest remix comes from Ta-ku. The original version begins slowly and suddenly picks right up thirty seconds into the song. Ta-ku’s remix on the other hand, is slow and steady all throughout. Though the remix finds a bit of speed halfway through, it still remains far more relaxed than the original.

As a result, the two versions end up sounding like completely different songs. On the original, Espa carries a noticeable amount of passion within her voice. Ta-ku only uses a few sparse vocals for his remix but also manages to keep the strong emotion of the track intact.

Listen to Ta-ku’s remix of “Pray For Me” below.