Grimes recently spoke out about the internal conflict of trying to pick sides between pop and experimental when it comes to making her own music. Now it seems that she may be one step closer to not having to choose. She recently made the announcement that she is starting up an artist cooperative called Eerie Organization.

Eerie Organization isn’t quite exactly a label, although it has all the makings of one. Grimes told Billboard that she started Eerie with the specific purpose of putting out the music of new talent Nicole Dollanganger. “I literally started Eerie to fucking put it out,” says Grimes. “It’s a crime against humanity for this music not to be heard.”

The first release from Eerie Organization is Nicole Dollanganger’s single “You’re So Cool.” This new single is taken from her upcoming album Natural Born Losers which is set to be released on October 9 via Eerie. This newly founded artist cooperative¬†by Grime will also release her own upcoming album in Canada.

Listen to Nicole Dollanganger’s “You’re So Cool” below.