Days after a bundle of unheard Nirvana cuts hit the web, a complete demo of Kurt Cobain’s prior band, Fecal Matter, has surfaced. The 17-track project, titled Illiteracy Will Prevail and sparsely released in 1985 or 1986, had never knowingly appeared in any form other than the original physicals and copies made thereafter. Three decades later and here they are.

“Ohhh, I’m a punk rapper,” the late singer moans. The quality is poor, suffice to say, but insights into the young mind of an all-time great are aplenty.

Evidently, no piece of Cobain songwriting precedes that of these songs. Internet users have yet again wielded the web’s power for good. Many thanks to the person who likely unearthed an old tape buried in a box of unfit clothes, you won the day. Listen to the records above. The supposed tracklist is located below, along with a recently revealed clip of the Cobain-inspired Montage of Heck documentary, which debuts on silver screens from coast to coast tomorrow.

1.”Sound of Dentage”
2. Reefer Madness Excerpts
3. “Bambi Slaughter”
4. “Laminated Effect”
5. “Control”
6. “Class of ’86”
7. “Blather’s Log”
8. “Anorexorcist”
9. “Accusations”
10. “Spank Thru”
11. “Insurance”
12. “Buffy’s Pregnant”
13. “Vaseline”
14. “Downer”
15. “Instramental”
16. “Turnaround”
17. Guitar riffs of album tracks

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Kurt Cobain – Stomach from James Smith on Vimeo.