Image via Mafalda's Instagram

Image via Mafalda’s Instagram

I have a routine whenever I find a new artist that I like. I first explore their Instagram, then their Facebook, then their Twitter, then their Soundcloud page. I need clues in order to construct the whole picture on them, and God bless social networks for providing them. Mafalda’s social networks are unassuming. By that, I mean they feel like they belong to someone I know, someone I could be friends with. Then you reach her Soundcloud page and your perception of her changes. Here she transforms from “someone I could know” to “someone everyone should know,” because it’s here you get to witness the true talent Mafalda possesses.

“Don’t Let Go” is her latest, a slow-building song that truly blossoms when the track hits the chorus. At the forefront is Mafalda’s voice. It’s powerful and sophisticated, but still accessible; an undeniable combination that’s sure to make Mafalda one to watch. Listen to that and her first single, “Light Up” below.

(Hilly Dilly)