Frequent collaborators Night Lovell and Dylan Brady have been showing everyone what they’re really capable of this year. Dylan’s wildly inventive production melded with Lovell’s signature cadence numerous times already this year, to increasingly impressive results, so it only makes sense that they’ve seen fit to continue working together. Dropping out of nowhere, Lovell’s “Give Me The Keys” is a little more subdued than what we’re used to hearing from him, but there’s no doubt it works just as well.

Minimal and swaggering, “Give Me The Keys” is the dawn to the night of “Still Cold / Pathway Private.” This isn’t the only track the rising pair shared today, though, as Lovell employed Dylan and Osno1 for co-production on “Shaded Summers,” a track more typical of Lovell’s foreboding aesthetic. “Shaded Summers” has a vocal feature a little more left-field, too, with Lovell’s dad jumping on the track’s climax for a quick verse.

Listen to “Give Me The Keys” below, and “Shaded Summers” below that.