England’s Sinead Harnett has been impressing us with her smooth and soulful vocals for a while now, ever since she featured on Disclosure’s “Boiling” and “What’s In Your Head” in fact, and her latest single “Do It Anyway” is her most up-tempo and straightforwardly poppy song yet. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course. There’s little better than the sticky sweet rush of a good pop hook, but in case you wanted a rougher, tougher version, Diztortion and Wiley have come through with the remix.

Wiley first discovered Sinead back in 2011 (pre-Disclosure), so it’s nice to see him pop up on the remix… even if it isn’t exactly his natural habitat.

“Do It Anyway” (video below) is out September 11, and has also been remixed by Christian Rich.