With his upcoming album Savage Hills Ballroom due out on September 25, Youth Lagoon delivers a video for his brand new single “Highway Patrol Stun Gun.”

Trevor Powers, the creator of musical project Youth Lagoon, told The FADER that “Highway Patrol Stun Gun” was birthed out of all of the police brutality that has been at the forefront of media stories within the past year. “It seemed like every single day there was some element of chaos—but in different forms,” said Powers. “Living in Idaho, it’s easy to feel isolated from all of these events, and that was sort of my way of dealing with it.”

One would imagined that a song inspired by police brutality and titled “Highway Patrol Stun Gun” would sound quite harsh or abrasive, but instead its rather calm. Almost eerily quiet like the calm before a storm. Throughout the video, Powers and a mysterious masked man can be seen enjoying a ordinary, but fun day. Though there are various ways to interpret the video, the visuals prove that even during hard times, it’s necessary to take a step back and enjoy the time you have here.

Watch the video above.