In July, abhi//dijon finally returned with some new music. First they shared “Wait” then “Jon b.” The two tracks showcase very different sides of their sound, but if there’s one element that ties all their songs together it’s the subtle groove. Thankfully, abhi//dijon have dropped their Stay Up EP today filled with 11 tracks of that same relaxed vibe.

Each time abhi//dijon releases new music, it’s clear to hear the growth of their sound and confidence. That much is very apparent on Stay Up.  The production provide by Abhi Raju has a much more structured sound than before, while Dijon Duenas voice—though still sounding like a sweet whisper at times—has grown to be more assertive in a way that can easily hold the attention of listeners. Together, the duo make a beautifully blended combination.

Listen to abhi//dijon’s Stay Up EP below.