Kendall Elijah has been making music since 2011, but he’s only just getting around to exploring the full breadth of his own creativity. Reintroducing himself with a bang, hence the dynamite, Kendall’s swampy Maple Water is the logical follow-up to 2014’s delightfully strange Biscuit Number OneAdding the dynamite to his name to further distance himself from that of a rap persona, Maple Water solidifies him as a legitimate genre contortionist.

Entirely self-produced, the EP treads familiar waters here and there, but in unfamiliar boots. Maple Water subverts expectations, by sounding like a gruff recording from Isaac Brock were he adept at rapping, too (hell, there’s even a Dramamine reference). Everything is thrown at the wall here, and it all sticks, albeit in unexpected ways. It’s considerably stranger than anything he’s released before, but it’s also his most interesting release because of it.

Listen to Maple Water below, and read what Kendall had to say about the release below that.

i thought i was a thinking man. i thought i was a pensive transient becoming nameless…weightless but the romantic sheen up easy ridin’ up and down the east coast had all but faded. the biscuits were old and hard and my black and blue cloud returned from its hiatus. needless to say, i needed a home and due to my fairweather luck i found it. guess it didn’t live up to my expectations, after all. now employed and settled i find my cloud lost in translation as a freshwater fish in the ocean. was i blue or accustomed to it? this was something i had never felt before. so here you find me, a seasoned sailor skipping across maple water as we all are; we all are mapless and hapless for forever and two days.