Image via Little Simz

Two of the UK’s brightest new talents, Little Simz and Stormzy, and one legend, Kano, team up for a remix of Simz’ track “Dead Body.

Little Simz says: “This one is really special. Not only do I have 2 of my favourite emcees on the one track, I also get to get a few things off my chest. Ideally this should be listened to right after A CURIOUS TALE OF TRIALS + PERSONS, as it is the perfect encore to my debut.”

The two part track sees Stormzy and Kano go in over the original “Dead Body” beat for the first half while Simz rides a new beat on the second half. Listen below.

Little Simz’ album A CURIOUS TALE OF TRIALS + PERSONS is out now. Buy the album here and the remix here.

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