Just yesterday we learned that SOPHIE would finally be putting out a release more significant than a single with the mini-album PRODUCTdue for release on November 27 via Numbers. Featuring the previously released singles “BIPP,” “ELLE,” “LEMONADE,” and “HARD,” the album also features four previously unheard tracks. Looks like we won’t have to wait until November to hear more from the release, as we’ve been given another taste of PRODUCT with “MSMSMSM.”

As far as SOPHIE’s solo output goes, this is one of the most erratic and harsh sounding songs he’s put out so far. Across its brief running time, “MSMSMSM” switches from build-up to booming bass, before transitioning into a calming ambience full of his signature synths. It’s just as strange and colorful as we’ve come to expect from him, if not a little less pop friendly than any of his previous output. Pre-order PRODUCT here, and listen to “MSMSMSM” below.