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Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” are simultaneously taking over the airwaves. Both of these singles are arguably the biggest songs out right now, as well as the most successful songs for each of their careers. Huge hits always get plenty of covers made, and there have been countless “Hotline Bling” covers, but this is much different.

Brayton Bowman, a singer and songwriter from Philly, put a unique twist on his “Hotline Bling” cover and took it to an entirely new level. His track not only covers Drake, but also mashes it up with Beiber’s “What Do You Mean?”—resulting in what he simply calls “Bieber’s Hotline,” and the results are not only impressive but catchy. While Bowman blends the lyrics of both hits, he still manages to put his own spin of originality on it with an addictive beat, making it that much more intriguing.

Listen to “Bieber’s Hotline” below.