Image via The New Yorker / Jason Nocito

Image via The New Yorker / Jason Nocito

When Grimes announced her upcoming album Art Angels earlier this week, she also said that we will be hearing new music from the album as soon as next week. Last night, she took to Instagram to post a brief sample of an untitled song—the video was all black and simply captioned “Rehearsal”—that may or may not be from the album, but it appears Grimes jumped the gun.

The video has since been taken down, but at least one fan reposted the short clip, which features a dark and bass-heavy riff with tribal-sounding percussion.

Despite the false start, Grimes also said when she announced Art Angels that there should be a new song and accompanying video out at some point this upcoming week, so there should be new music from Grimes to look forward to soon.

Watch a repost of Grimes’ deleted Instagram video below.

#Regrann from @actuallygrimes Rehearsal. #grimes #artangels #newmusic Grimes new album: Art Angels

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