Over a decade from its 2003 release, André 3000’s “Hey Ya!” is a classic—one of the most wildly imaginative pop records of its time. Covering a song so good comes with a high risk of coming up short, but KAMAU steers away from the hyperactive energy of the original and takes things to a primal, almost spiritual place, but with just as much charisma and an excellent new verse. It’s a great interpretation of one of the most familiar songs of the 2000s. Co-production by Ben Talmi.

KAMAU is a Brooklyn-based artist who is currently finishing his EP, which is being executive and co-produced by No Wyld. You can find him on TwitterSoundCloud, Instagram, and this post about music recommendations based on the artists you already like.

“‘Hey Ya!’ is the epitome of absolute duality between the energy and content within one song,” KAMAU says. “It’s, sonically, the happiest song, with the saddest content that we can all relate to, a breaking heart… a sinking romance. André 3000, almost prophetically, foresees the fact that nobody will pay attention or even notice that he’s in pain: ‘Yall don’t wanna hear me, you just wanna dance.'”