New York label Terrible Records (who we’ve partnered with to bring you an amazing, free CMJ party tonight) is winning right now. They recently released Empress Of’s excellent album Me and have a record from Le1f on the way too.

Next up is Mizan, born in Chicago and raised between Ethiopia and New York, who is releasing her debut EP, Dark Blue, on November 6. The six track effort includes the powerful “7 Billion,” her best song to date, the previously released “Thru,” as well as “Anxious” and “No Fool” which you can check out below.

Each song on the EP has a video directed and produced by Mizan herself, and their simplicity allows the focus to remain on the music—she doesn’t force it on you, but the messages of self-love and self-belief are more powerful than you might first realize.

Buy “7 Billion” here and look out for the whole EP on November 6.

1. Looking For
2. No Fool
3. Thru
4. Anxious
5. Awe
6. 7 Billion