Image via PTP

Image via PTP

Purple Tape Pedigree is run by New York-based badman Geng, who brings some of the most exciting producers to his DWMS parties in Brooklyn and releases equally excellent music on the label. His latest project is a series of split single releases on which he’s pairing producers and inviting them to challenge club music conventions by slowing things down and making tracks that sit in the range of 90-120BPM.

“The creative and physical comfort zones are forced into a shift,” Geng explains. “Hence the name of the series: the former being the increase of space within which one producer can now work, the latter being how dance floor participants receive, process, and move to the slower rhythms. New ideas are achieved through the confrontation of established systems.”

The first in the Body Horror series sees contributions from Gang Fatale’s Trap Door & Ra’s Al Fatale and Her Records’ CYPHR, who bring very different sounds and approaches to the release. This is exactly what Geng wanted to explore:

“The aim of the Body Horror series is not only to emphasize a change in rhythmic space, but also to focus on the contrast one can experience within the split-single format. Gang Fatale and Her Records both represent a newer sound bubbling out of London-born club music, but they are by no means in the same lane as far as style and core influences, I believe. CYPHR is so “left field” in terms of his approach to production that it creates a beautiful clash when having him alongside the funk-heavy charge of Trap Door and Ra’s Al Fatale. I saw this contrast hundreds of times back when I used to collect hardcore punk 7-inches, I wanted to re-employ that level of detail in regard to a physical release.

Get into Gang Fatale’s “Wanting Some, Gettting Some” below and pre-order the split single on iTunes here.