Out of nowhere, Tyler, The Creator dropped a new song via the OFWGKTA YouTube channel. Taking to Facebook, Tyler said, “NEW SONG; COULDNT COME UP WITH A TITLE.” Titled “Fuck It” on YouTube, the song showcases Tyler in an aggressive flurry of words completely different to that of his recent album, Cherry Bomb. In full-on circa 2009 Bastard mode, Tyler dedicates half of the song to cursing out his detractors with some particularly biting words.

Seemingly a response to his recent ban from the UK, Tyler uses some harsh language while talking about freedom of speech on the brief track. Atop the awesome, eerie production, Tyler doubles down on everything that got him banned from the UK to begin with reckless abandon. It’s one of his most aggressive songs to date, and it’s easy to see why when considering his recent situation involving the UK. The censoring of particular words on the track is pretty clever, too.

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