With one of 2014’s strongest debut mixtapes under his name, Night Lovell seems determined to tease his ever-growing fanbase with a slow drip-feed of new songs. After gracing us with a whole mixtape of bangers at the end of last year, the need for a new project from one of Ottawa’s most promising artists grows day by day. At only 18-years-old, his brutal and distinct take on hip-hop simply commands attention, and “Fraud” is his hardest track so far this year.

Produced by frequent collaborator Dylan Brady, “Fraud” is mostly a showcase for Lovell’s impressive rapping talents. Atop the eerie click-clack of Dylan’s monstrous beat, Lovell proves what he’s truly capable of. Every word hits with considerable weight thanks to his deep voice, which feels both urgent and haunting at the same time. In its opening lines alone, it’s clear that Lovell’s knack for memorable refrains is back in full force here.

Showcasing his unique style in both the video and the song, Lovell seems like he’s gearing up for something big with “Fraud.” With its lo-fi 4:3 quality and dreary imagery, the video captures the stark but mesmerizing tone of the song perfectly. Watch the self-directed video for “Fraud” above, and download the song for free via SoundCloud below.