We got familiar with George Cassavetes aka Stay Bless through his 2013 Faded EP, which featured a beautiful collaboration with Dev Hynes (whom he supported on tour) and Samantha Urbani. This year, Cassavetes has already released one EP, In Paradise, adding to his catalog of subtle, shape-shifting pop songs, and now he’s back with a second, Be Good To Yourself.

Cassavetes broke down the EP’s message of self-empowerment for us over email, explaining, “I look around and I see so many people who haven’t realized the power and greatness that lies within themselves. Life is a struggle but once you have an understanding that you are in control of your own path, the haters can’t clip your wings no matter how hard they try. Across the EP I wanted to remind people to give themselves a break, that they do have something to give and above all to treat themselves right. Only then is one in a position to look outward, flourish, and help others.”

We’re premiering “New Dream” featuring Starchild today, the second track from the EP after “No Love Lost” with Brey and Gabriel Bruce, and it’s a lush song, hopeful even as it confronts a potentially sad situation. “With New Dream I wanted to explore two themes that are prevalent in my life,” Cassavetes told us. “How to keep a long-term relationship fresh, honest, and alive. And failing that to let each other fly—even if it’s in opposite direction.

Listen to “New Dream” and “No Love Lost” below. The Be Good To Yourself EP is out December 11 via Neon Tetra Records, pre-order here.