Image via Biz 3

Image by Thomas Blumenthal via Biz 3

Swedish producer WoodzSTHLM has slowly been garnering attention thanks to his spacious, airy compositions. His evocative and quite frequently grandiose music employs heavy bass, gorgeous strings and synths, as well as perfectly suited guest vocalists. All three of those elements found in his music come out in full force on his latest EP, Lighthouse. From its opening moments alone, it’s pretty clear this is WoodzSTHLM’s most ambitious work yet.

As the eerie and softly sung vocals open “Shipwrecked,” the sense of scale immediately sounds ten times bigger than what’s come before, and considering his previous output, that’s saying a lot. While there’s a big emphasis on big, show-stopping moments across the EP, there’s also an equal amount of focus placed on the softer, quieter moments. The Night Beds-featuring “Woman” features a profound mix of both distinct sides, showcasing WoodzSTHLM’s impeccable knack for toying with intimacy on a grand scale.

Every single vocalist on the EP matches the immeasurable challenge of matching WoodzSTHLM’s massive production with considerable ease, with Ji Nilsson and Satchel Ceynowa turning in memorable vocal contributions in particular. The textural expertise on showcase here is some of WoodzSTHLM’s best work to date. Listen to the premiere of the EP below.