dod mark

Not too long ago, we put a bit of a spotlight on Död Mark, an incredibly interesting Swedish band Yung Lean is involved with. Combining the more austere electronic elements of Lean’s own music with obstentively more aggressive vocals and a bigger emphasis on guitars, the adventurous side-project has returned today with yet another track. “Ingenting” is about the furthest away from Lean’s music we’ve gotten yet, and it’s all the more intriguing for it.

Ditching the more electronic elements of previous Död Mark songs, “Ingenting” marks a stark contrast to Lean’s recently released banger, “Hoover.” His vocals are distorted to an almost alarming degree, and despite this, they sound pretty goddamn awesome. It’s the most subdued of tracks from the project yet, but it’s still got that distinctively gruff edge, especially in regards to the yelped vocals. There’s a tone of sadness to the song, however, making it a tad less angry than what’s come before.

Still, we don’t know where this project is going if anywhere, and it might just be a release for Lean if anything. It might also just be something he’s contributing guest vocals to, but whatever the case, “Ingenting” is pretty great regardless. Listen to “Ingeting” below, and “Bränd” below that.