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    Boofy: FABRICLIVE x Bandulu Mix

    Bristol-bred bass head Boofy brings the noise on this promotional mix, which was put together ahead of a performance alongside peers including Kahn & Neek, Om Unit, Chimpo, and more at London's legendary Fabric.

    "I wanted the mix to portray all of the tunes I’ve ended my year with," Boofy said. "Some of the tunes have been personal favorites from playing at Outlook Festival, New York... or loops I’ve made, and new material. There's some personal favourites from producers, and new bits I’m gassed about. In regards to next month, it’ll be more catered to the audience.

    "I’ve got a lot of money ready to get a ton of dubs cut so it’ll all be fresh material, so everyone will be first time listeners and get more of an opener into what I’ve been making for the past few months. And it goes without saying, the MCs will have some crazy shit to spray over."