Artists like Allan Kingdom and Finding Novyon have been working hard to put Minneapolis on the map, and the city has finally received some well-deserved attention this year. Another artist looking to keep Minnesota in the conversation is Why Khaliq.

Why Khaliq is gearing up for the release of his upcoming EP Under The Perspective Tree. He explains that the new material as a “short project detailing my perspectives about self destruction, temptation, self worth, and more.” Ahead of its official release on January 20, Why Khaliq shares his latest single “Knew The Half” as a part of his weekly #WhyWednesday series.

While Under The Perspective Tree is expected to reflect on several vulnerable aspects of life, “Knew The Half” digs deeper into personal relationships. Why Khaliq opens up about a misconnection on the track. He explains it further saying, “This record is a conflict between two [people] as they both perceive one another for a person they’re not, when they’re both just looking to know more than what the surface shows.”

Listen to “Knew The Half” below.