Image via Demo Taped

Image via Demo Taped

In 2015, a producer/singer/songwriter by the name of Demo Taped became one of our favorite new artists. The Atlanta musician dropped an excellent EP, delivered an awesome performance at our No Ceilings showcase in November, and made one of the best songs of the year with “Not Enough.”

Today, Demo Taped turns 18 years old, and he celebrates with a fitting cover of Alphaville’s bittersweet “Forever Young.”

Happy birthday, young Demo Taped. We can’t wait to see what you do this year.

Every year, with the coming of a new age, I feel almost obligated to get more done. At 17, I accomplished some things that I am extremely proud of. With year 18 of my life I hope to accomplish even more. I want to make those around me and those who support me prouder than ever. I have a lot of extraordinary people in my life and I want to let them all know how much they mean to me. i luv u all !

– demo