Image via SoundCloud

UPDATE 1/12/2016: The track was taken off SoundCloud. We’ll let you know when an official stream surfaces.

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Earlier today, a thread started on rap forum Kanye To The that claimed access to an unreleased Earl Sweatshirt track. These threads pop up fairly often, but they rarely follow through with the goods. This one did.

The track is called “Mirror,” and sounds like something that would fit nicely on Earl’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. In fact, it was supposed to be there—an interview with Pitchfork from last April includes the following quote from Earl, while he was in the midst of some serious label frustrations:

“The tracklist got fucked up. There was a song that’s so crucial for the balance of the album called ‘Mirror’ that was supposed to come right after ‘Faucet’; as far as the mom dynamic thing goes, the juxtaposition of ‘Mirror’ against ‘Faucet’ was so crucial, but the fucking sample didn’t get cleared. I’m gonna put it out, though.”

Regardless of whether or not Earl was behind this upload, we’re happy it’s on SoundCloud—”Mirror” is classic Sweatshirt, biting rhymes dancing over a warped soul sample. “Look in the mirror, and what do I see…”