We know that Father John Misty is a funny dude—the most recent example being the audience Q+A he shared late last month—and it turns out he was just a bit too funny for Pandora to handle. He apparently recorded a series of promo spots for the Internet radio provider that they didn’t end up using, but Father John Misty didn’t let them go to waste and uploaded them onto his SoundCloud.

It’s also super possible that Father John Misty just recorded these “ads” on his own for the fun of it, but regardless, we’re in. In one ad, he says, “Hello fans, this is Father John Misty. Whether you’re snorting rails of Tide off priceless Matisse cutouts or stuck at home because of your dismal Uber rating, my customized mixtape is guaranteed to be 100 percent Ed Sheeran. That’s Ed Sheeran all the time on Father John Misty radio.”

Listen to the seven rejected promos below.