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Variety is the name of the game on the new EP from Niilas, a teenaged producer from Bergen, Norway. The five-track Memoraids EP shows the full extent of Niilas’ talent, both in the colorful melodies he writes and the tough, club-ready drums.

On “24OZ,” Niilas lets loose, with the song evolving through three distinct parts, but never losing its way or becoming weighed down by too many moving parts. Niilas explained over email how this song came together:

“‘24Oz’ was the result of my interest with details and percussion. Whenever I make a new song, I want the listener to be able to hear new elements and details for each time they listen to it. Also, I think it captures my style, or rather lack of, with its three different parts, each living a vivid life of its own. The EP represents where I and my music stands today, the different styles I can do and maybe what my style is. I have no idea what sort of music I make myself, but since style is a term most often used by someone from the outside looking in, maybe the listeners will hear what Niilas really is.”

The Memoraids EP is out January 22. Listen to “24OZ” below.


1. Memoraids
2. Cosylan
3. Ocelote
4. 24OZ
5. Flash 3