Danish trio CHINAH hasn’t put a foot wrong yet, and that run continues with “Colder.” It’s the fourth track to be revealed from their debut EP Once The Lights Are On, and contains the lines that inspired the EP’s title. “Once the lights are on, the lights are on, and there is no turning back,” Fine Glindvad sings, and the band explained via email what this means to them.

“In ‘Colder’, this line is about the terrible and fascinating realization of being addicted to another person, unable to escape. It is about allowing someone a power over you and submitting to being in their hands. That line turned into the name of the EP. We think it does well at describing the capturing feeling of having launched something into existence. It is a statement to ourselves that the project has been born.”

The gorgeous vocals and spacious, thoughtful production that we loved on “Away From Me,” “We Go Back,” and “Minds” are in full effect here. “Colder” is another winner, and CHINAH are one of our favorite new bands. Listen to the new track below.

Once The Lights Are On come out out on February 11 via No 3 Records.