Jean Deaux

Image via Jean Deaux

Jean Deaux has range. The Chicago artist first caught our attention in 2014 with her ability to effortlessly transition between smooth R&B vocal runs and edgy rap verses, and her new single “Father Time” shows that these talents have only refined over time.

The Tim Suby-produced track blends influences from house, R&B, and hip-hop to form a throbbing mosaic of styles that sneakily builds into a club-ready track after a subdued beginning. It’s a complicated song that would present a challenge to many vocalists, but here, Deaux thrives.

Letting listeners in on her personal life, she sings about the fact that she’s only met her biological father twice in her life. As she told THE FADER, however, the lyrics go deeper than that. “It’s actually a metaphor for life and death, and how I’ve used my intuition to guide me during the time in between,” she explains.

Listen to it below.