Image via Billboard

Despite the fact he debuted his new album just yesterday, Kanye West is back with yet another new song. Taking to Twitter after a brief rant, Kanye said, “Now that the album is finally finished it’s back to Good Fridays.” The new track, “30 Hours” will actually turn up on The Life of Pablo whenever it drops later today, even though it’s a lot more laid-back, and considerably less lavish than what we heard of The Life of Pablo last night.

Kanye also confirmed that The Life of Pablo will be released later today, and is in the latter stages of being mastered. He said he “added on a couple of tracks,” but the whole album is now 17 tracks long instead of the previous list which we heard last night at MSG. “No More Parties in LA” is back, though, so we can all rejoice regardless. Listen to the new track “30 Hours” below, and check out the new tracklist below that.