Some songs hit hardest weeks after their release. Such is the case with “Last Night In Lagos,” a freestyle from Krept (of Krept & Konan fame) that debuted alongside a video last December.

Three elements culminate to make for an altogether chilling piece: producer E.Y. offers a masterfully sparse soundscape, equal parts “Say You Will” and “New Day;” cinematographer Kevin Hudson captures the stillness and cold stares of Krept’s crew to command attention; and Krept traces his come-up with quiet conviction, beginning with financial insecurities and ending with retellings of London run-arounds beside Drake and Skepta.

Whether off-top or not, this offering from the UK artist is sure to strike a chord. Watch “Last Night in Lagos” above. K&K’s debut studio album, Long Way Home, is worth a listen. Stream that here.

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