The New Wave is a feature we’ll be presenting every Tuesday. It will highlight one song we’re currently obsessed with, by a new or rising artist.

What we say:

Seattle singer EMI’s “Phantom” is one of those songs that stops you in your tracks: Who is this? Production from Rex Kudo (Post Malone, Mac Miller) and Sevn Thomas (Rihanna, Drake, Kanye) create a deep, heavy vibe to get lost in, and EMI’s delivery is perfectly in the pocket. Technical skills can be important, but emotion and charisma are essential, and EMI has those qualities in abundance. And this is only her debut.

What she says:

With the reality that a large percentage of our lives are broadcasted over social media, “Phantom” is a tribute to the emotions that come with having a romantic relationship cast into plain view for others to scrutinize.