Image via Crazylegs

Ziro, purveyor of some of the most visceral and aggressive electronic music we’ve been exposed to for a while (see: “Strafe” and “Dun Talk,” his collaboration with grime MC Riko Dan), isn’t the first person you’d expect to make a sensual R&B-influenced song with the wonderful Gemma Dunleavy. But maybe that’s part of the magic of Crazylegs, the Bristol-based label who has brought us boundary pushing music from across the genres over the past five years.

If you’ve been paying attention to the best music coming out of the UK underground you might recognize Gemma Dunleavy’s voice from her collaborations with Murlo for Mixpak, but familiar or not, you need to get “Surrender” in your life. Dunleavy floats over wave after icy wave of synths, and what seems at first to be a straightforward love song is quickly revealed to have razor sharp edges. “I know that I could slice you with my words,” Dunleavy sings, “I could pierce you where it hurts.” Happy early Valentine’s day!

Listen to “Surrender” below. It will be released by Crazylegs on Friday.