Action Bronson Mr Wonderful

Image via GQ

Action Bronson is a busy guy. On the same day as the premiere of his show Fuck, That’s Delicious on VICELAND (watch it tonight at 10pm EST or stream it here) we get a new song from the Queens rapper over production from Samiyam. It’s a single for Samiyam’s upcoming album Animals Have Feelings, but the song sounds like it could have easily fit on Bronson’s last album Mr. Wonderful (which might not be a surprise considering the two share a name).

Like much of what we heard on Mr. Wonderful, Bronson gets melodic as he sings his own hooks between self-assured verses that show off his charming larger-than-life personality. As always, you’ll want to replay this one several times to make sure you catch all the glorious culinary references he manages to squeeze in to the four minute track.