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Image via EMI on Instagram

EMI isn’t playing around. Only a month removed from her introduction to the world with “Phantom,” she’s already released two follow-ups—both featuring consistently excellent production from Rex Kudo (Post Malone, Mac Miller) and Charlie Handsome. The latest, “Sip It Slow,” is a chilled out ode to codeine that builds on the thick, moody atmosphere that Rex and Charlie have built around the Seattle singer.

Impressively, EMI avoids being drowned out by the star-studded production—both literally and figuratively. Over three songs, she’s proven herself as an intriguing vocal presence, understanding when to lay back and vibe out with a beat and when to rise up over the heavy bass and take over.

Her persona remains mysterious, but she’s let us in on little pieces of her world with each release. If you want more, keep clicking the play button below, because she promises to release another song when this hits the 500,000 play count.