Image via Shayna Rain's Facebook

Image via Shayna Rain’s Facebook

Despite all the research out there that tries to prove otherwise, humans are not complicated creatures. Sure, the motivations for our desires and reasons for our fears differ among each person, but those desires and fears at their core remain essentially the same. We want to feel safe. We want to feel loved. We want to feel accepted. We’re scared of pain. We’re scared of the unknown that death brings. We’re scared of waking up one day and realizing we’re alone.

These are the vulnerable thoughts that fill our mind and, since it’s inception, music has been the soundtrack to these beliefs. Name me one song that doesn’t, in some capacity, try to explain or explore one of these fears and desires. It’s almost impossible. I mean maybe Sisqo’s “Thong Song,” but even in that you could argue that Sisqo really just wanted some love and, specifically, from someone in a thong.

Yet songs that so beautifully touch on these ideologies in a way that’s both profound but relatable are few and far between. Shayna Rain’s “You’ll Never Leave” is one of these rarities. The track (which is recorded with Rain’s band Shayna Rain and the Part-Time Models) features waves of percussion, sparse guitars, and Rain’s emotive, rich vocals.

Listen to it below.