Of all the food court classics—Cinnabon, Sbarro, Chick-Fil-A—Panda Express is definitely one of the best ones out. Unexpectedly, Lupe Fiasco proves to be a fan as well. For his latest, the Chicago native spits over the ubiquitous Menace-produced “Panda” beat (get it?) and pays homage to the chain (“I mean, you go in there with $15 and get you a whole meal”). He also takes the opportunity to build anticipation for his upcoming album, Drogas.

Lupe will be back on tour April 15 (as confirmed in the song), and Drogas is slated to arrive later this year. Drogas will be the first of three records Lupe plans on releasing in 2016, with Roy reportedly being his last. No word as to whether or not we’ll still get The Cool 2, which he promised would arrive in winter 2017.

Listen to “Express” below.