Last time we heard from Ra’Shaun he was putting an end to being played by a particular girl on his single “Colombiana.” Today he returns with a brand new track, unfortunately inspired by more girl troubles. This time, Ra’Shaun is joined by fellow Wisconsin rapper Trapo.

The duo join forces over a Derrick Thomas-produced track for their new collaboration titled “Dial.” Ra’Shaun admits that whenever he finds himself in these kinds of predicaments, he shares the details with his friend Trapo—only to find out that they’re both going through the same problems. “That’s why I kinda rely on music as therapy and it actually works,” says Ra’Shaun.

On his latest release, Ra’Shaun details the frustration of getting mixed signals from someone you’re trying to get to know better. Both Ra’Shaun and Trapo are done with girls, and people in general, giving them the run around—all they’re looking for is people to be straightforward with them.

“Dial” will be available on Apple Music soon. For now, listen to it below.