Japanese hip-hop collective YENTOWN got a big boost last year thanks to a collaboration with Yung Lean, and they’ve been killing it ever since. One of the group’s standout associates, YDIZZY, released what may be the hardest song about BMWs ever recorded last year, but for the most part the track went under the radar in the United States. It deserves more attention, so here we are.

Like Korean rapper Keith Ape before him, YDIZZY is proving that East Asia’s rap scene has caught up with the Western world in many ways. The Japanese rap scene in particular is making some serious strides with forward-thinking production and slick deliveries, and YDIZZY could easily be at the front of the movement. Even if you can’t understand what he’s saying, it’s hard not to appreciate the instant gratification of that chorus: “BMW, IT’S MY CAR IT’S MY CAR!”

Check out the video for the undeniably catchy “BMW” below, and see the video for another highlight of his, “Break on ma Bed,” below that.