Mac Miller has always been honest about his drug use, but he’s never explored the topic through rhyme quite like he does on the Dave East-assisted “Headaches + Migraines.”

Fittingly released on 4/20 through Treejay and DJ Clockwork’s Smoke Till I’m Dead compilation, the trippy song comes across like a weed anthem at first glance—and it sort of is. Miller and East both come through with verses that would go nicely spinning in the background of your next session. But as the song progresses, Miller acknowledges that “this is high stakes professional time waste” and dives into the realities of his lifestyle.

Avoiding the obnoxiousness of an anti-drug PSA and the recklessness of drug glorification records, this works because it’s honest. In a genre obsessed with being real, this is about as real as it gets. Um, happy 4/20.