Image via Netti Hurley

Image via Netti Hurley

New York-based singer Raveena Aurora’s debut single “You Give Me That” used the sounds of classic soul for seduction, sultry vocals and horns weaving an alluring soundscape more so than a fully realized song.

New release “Something’s Gotta Give” points to the range in her particular brand of revitalism, rooting sounds of the past in personal experience. “Something’s Gotta Give” once again mines the rich texture of classic orchestral soul, this time to sunny effect as Aurora beats the blues back out of her life.

“‘Something’s Gotta Give’ is a song I wrote after a period in my life where I experienced a lot of intense sadness and tumult – life just throwing me a lot of curveballs and negative energy at a young age,” says Aurora of her new song via email. “I turned a lot of that bad energy inward for a while, but after a point, it got really old and unproductive and I realized that even if I couldn’t change certain situations that I was trapped in at the time, I could definitely take responsibility for my own happiness, success and intellectual/creative growth, and peaceful well-being.”

“Essentially, even if life wasn’t being kind to me, I could work to make my insides so beautiful that none of that shit could penetrate me as much as it used to.”

This indelible positivity permeates “Something’s Gotta Give”—if “You Give Me That” is late afternoon sun piercing curtains, “Something’s Gotta Give” is the a full blast of sunshine in the park.