Image via SoundCloud

Image via SoundCloud | Artwork by Alana Questell

SALES are piecing together what’s shaping up to be an impressive followup to their self-titled EP. First came “big sis,” a spiritual cousin to Bon Iver’s For Emma Forever Ago. Months later, the fittingly named “jamz” arrived, and the latest piece of the Orlando duo’s ongoing rollout—”ivy”—carries forth their fruitful love of guitar.

In addition to the free-flowing instrumentation and thoughtful songwriting, there’s something to be said for the artwork that’s complemented each of the pair’s songs to date. Alana Questwell has designed all of the pieces thus far, and they have not yet grown old.

Stream “ivy” below. You can download the song via Bandcamp here. SALES’ forthcoming album, also self-titled, is slated to debut April 20. Head below to check out upcoming tour dates if you have a desire to hear these songs live.