Back in February, Yung Lean released his second studio album, Warlord. It was a bit of a departure for the Swedish artist, pushing his music in a more serious, darker direction. During the recording process he came out of the studio with a number of songs that didn’t quite fit the album, but he still felt they needed to be released in some form. Now he’s sharing the songs, which take a more colorful direction than anything on Warlord proper.

Released as part of the deluxe edition of Warlord, the six additional tracks include “Sippin” and “How U Like Me Now?” among others. The new tracks included as part of the newly released deluxe edition feature a less aggressive, more melancholy and melodic direction than the original Warlord. Tracks like “Pearl Fountain” and “Stars Allign” might be some of the prettiest songs Lean has worked on so far, showcasing yet another layer of the always evolving rapper.

Listen to the deluxe version of the album below (the new songs start at track 14), and check out our digital cover story with Yung Lean here.