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    Aquarium Drunkard: Rollin’ Up The Rim, A Vintage Canadian Mixtape

    If you're reading this, it's already fair to assume a significant amount of you have given Views a listen. We're also 99.9% sure you're aware of Kaytranada's debut album recently being released. But Canada is a big place! It's really, really big. So for anyone searching past the city and into the hills, looking for something quintessentially Canadian, that isn't Drake, but still does well to tug at the heartstrings with tales of loss and self-reflection (without the help of strippers), this is for you.

    "Two sons of Tommy Douglas invite you on a spring trip across Canada. From lonesome provinces to cosmic territories, and everywhere in between. A place where private press unknowns stand as tall as under-appreciated legends. Enjoy the ride."