Image via Liberal Arts / Photo by Sam Bayliss Ibram

Stockholm-based artist and Yung Lean-affiliate Bladee has been quietly releasing for a few years now, occasionally appearing on some of Leandoer’s best tracks for a standout verse or two. His distinct brand of music sits somewhere between Future and The Cure, sounding unlike anything before it. That singular sense of style shines through brightly on his debut album, Eversince.

Entirely produced by Whitearmor, Bladee’s debut album is by far his most consistent project to date. Evolving from his previous output tenfold, Bladee’s songwriting craft is the best it’s ever been here. Inspired by the colorful melodies of J-pop and the heartfelt approach to music songwriters like Elliott Smith took, Eversince is a complete mix of styles far and wide. As accessible as it can be bizarre, Bladee’s debut is very much a product of 2016.

Released via Swedish imprint YEAR0001, Bladee is in a world of his own here in the best way possible. It might not be the most immediate of releases, but it’s definitely one of the most hypnotic of the year so far.

Listen to the album in full below, or here.

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