Image via SoundCloud

Image via SoundCloud

Darkly tinted and to the point, Big Leano offers his thoughts, wishes, and observations without obstruction or gloss. The Boston rapper has spent the past year sharing a string of singles. “Lean For Sale,” his most popular offering to date, became a niche anthem in the city last fall.

Today brings the release of his debut project Tales from the Mud. Under the influence, Leano reports his surroundings through squinted eyes—a very particular strain of mood music.

“I just want people to hear what a young Boston cat chasing bread and taking chances sounds like,” Leano said when asked about the his new project.

Stream his 11-track effort below; the release features production from the likes of Tee-WaTT and Humbeats, who’ve worked with fellow Boston artist Cousin Stizz. You can download Tales from the Mud here.

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