Sometimes artists give their songs short one-word titles to leave things up to the imagination of listeners and let the music speak for itself.

Not Four Tet. Not today, anyway.

Celebrating reaching one million followers on SoundCloud, he shared a new song with the absurdly long, explanatory title: “TrackI’veBeenPlayingOnRadio+StuffSeemsNiceThing2DropBecause

Then, when you download it to your computer and open it up, it gets even longer: “A lost track that Ive been playing on the radio and stuff. Seemed like a nice thing to put out there because of smashing it on the internet etc. Shout out to Ben UFO and Anthony Naples. May 2016.mp3.”

So, now that he’s described the song in length through the title alone, I guess I don’t have anything to do but get out of the way and let you listen to the song. Thanks, Four Tet.